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Made in Spain

In Gabe Tapizados manufacture our products 100% in Spain, specifically in Ecija (Seville) and always using the finest materials and hand Spanish by qualified workers. Create jobs in our country and promote our products abroad.

We are committed to the industry and the Spanish society and therefore try to generate employment and prosperity in our area, aiming for a national product quality and prestige in the market.


Made in Spain


Products manufactured in Spain have all the requirements, safeguards and quality controls that establish the competent bodies in the field.

All these strict controls assure us that all items manufactured in Spain are top quality products.

In our country, we have excellent raw materials (wood, leather, …) used for the production of our items of upholstery. These raw materials are the basis of our final product.

In the manufacturing process we have highly qualified professionals who will end doing a great item.

Buying items made in Spain, we will ensure the continuity of this cycle, managing to keep those jobs. Workers making these true specialists who come to excel and become more skilled in the conduct of its work, which in turn will allow us to get to make higher quality products.